Cocoa's Online Sewing Courses

Our Virtual Sewing Classes are back! We look forward to helping you start your fashion journey. The following classes & dates upcoming are:

Cocoa's Sewing Class for Beginners Part 1

February 20th 2021 @ 12pm EST time.

Cocoa's Sewing Class for Beginners Part 2

February 27th 2021 @ 12pm EST time.

Cocoa Care's Mommy & Me course

February 28th 2021 @ 2pm EST time.

(Fathers are able to take this class as well if interested)

Our beginners class is for aspiring seamstresses with little to no experience & our beginners part two course is for moderate level seamstresses, also a follow up class to part one). Our mommy & me course is for mothers and their children that are interested in learning to sew together. Fathers are more than welcome to register as well. Admission for each class is nonrefundable & cannot be applied for another class if missed.

We look forward to connecting with you & helping you with your fashion journey!

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